COMP 215: Lab for Assignment 0

Step 1:

Install the JDK on your machine. See

Step 2: 

Install Dr. Java on your machine.  See

Step 3: 

Fire up Dr. Java and create a new project (use Project->New) called "A0.0".

Step 4:

Type in some java code:

class Foo {

  public void doIt (int numTimes) {

    for (int i  = 0; i < numTimes; i++) {

      System.out.println ("This is time number " + (i + 1));




Then save it in a file called "" (it is practically required that you save a class in a file of the same name).

Step 5:

Create a new file by pressing the "New" button.  Here you can type in:

class Main {

  public static void main (String [] args) { 

    Foo myFoo = new Foo ()

    myFoo.doIt (6);




Save this one in a file called "".

Step 6: 

Hit "Compile Project" to compile your program, then fix the indicated error. Compile it again; it should compile correctly this time. Then hit "Run" to run the project. Show Chris or one of the TAs your output, and then you can leave!